hood river real estate hood river homes tom jenkins

"Positive Attitude and Professionalism"

"I wanted to say how much Francine and I appreciate your assistance in selling the Westcliff house; it goes without saying that it was a challenge and we needed someone with your positive attitude and professionalism. This was especially important sorting our the various offers and negotiating with the ultimate purchasers. Without your counsel and advice we could have easily made a very wrong move. If somehow were to somehow purchase another property in Hood River, by all means we would want Tom Jenkins to head up this effort."  Best Regards, Marc

 "You Rank # 1"

    "It was a pleasure to have you manage the sale of my Mother's home in White Salmon. Since my sister & I live far away, we left you to micro-manage all the details & you kept us up-to-date via phone calls. You rank # 1 as Realtor for the 8 homes I have bought/sold in my "day", probably due to your Contractor experience in the past! Thank you for everything! -Janice

 "Great Results, Expert, High Integrity!"

   “Tom has served as my real estate agent for many years now. I have gotten to know him on both a personal and professional level during that time. It is a rarity to be able to say that you never get a complaint when you refer someone to another professional but in this case I can. From my experience and many individuals I have referred to Tom there has never been anything but praise for his services. I fully recommend Tom as one of the premier agents in the Columbia Gorge region.”

  - Dr. J Kyle House (November 11, 2011)  


"Excellent Service"

"I wanted to thank you again for the excellent service you have provided. You found us the perfect house and when it came time to sell, you did a great job listing the house and an exceptional job keeping Kim and I informed. Your efforts and professionalism greatly reduced the stress."- Chris & Kim

hood river real estate hood river homes tom jenkins
"We Don't Think You Could Ask for More"
"In our view, real estate sales is more than just "location, location, location." It's just as much about dealing with people and building relationships based on trust and integrity.
This is where Tom Jenkins excels and our "testimonial" provides a perfect example.
Tom intelligently and carefully researched the market and developed a long list of possible homes. He drove to each of those homes first to make sure they met our criteria.
He narrowed the list slightly and so did we. Then, Tom no doubt put many miles on his car as he drove us to each home. Weeks passed and we didn´t find exactly what we wanted. As we visited homes, we changed some of out ideas and added others to the "mix." Through the whole process he was patient and meticulous and urged us not to compromise.
Eventually he called one day and said (we almost remember his exact words) "I think I found what you are looking for." He was right.
So if you are seeking a real estate agent, you couldn´t ask for a better representative to work on your behalf.
Tom offers you compassion, knowledge, maximum effort, attention to detail, honesty and integrity. And he´ll work to earn your respect and trust.
We don´t think you could ask for more."
-Bob & Chris


hood river real estate hood river homes tom jenkins

"Gained A Friend"

"Thank you! Very much for  your expertise and assistance in completing the sale of my property in Underwood...what a ride that was for both of us. You definitely earned your commission! Not only did I sell my property, and have the experience of a "convertible ride," but I also gained a friend - thanks!" -Ingrid


"Tom - Thank you for making purchasing a home so easy. I really appreciate your honestly and all the extra help." 

Thanks again, Beth

hood river real estate hood river homes tom jenkins

"Highest Praise"

"Thank You Tom. I just awakened and realized that, theoretically, by noon, I won't own this place anymore. I had forgotten to remember that my association with you will end. It makes me very sad. You have been such a big part of my life for these eight months... and I can't tell you how grateful I am that you were the one helping me. You have been wonderful...so patient with me, so professional, and so very helpful with the good people you were able to send over for work projects. That was a huge bonus! I will always give you highest praise as a fine Realtor."