Good Foggy Gorge Morning,


This morning really looks like fall.  There is almost frost on the pumpkin and there is a thick fog in the morning air.  The weather is now finally transitioning to mid-fifties for highs.  There is also finally moisture in the forecast as well. 

Since my last report, there have been 18 price reductions, 30 pending sales, and 21 closed sales.  Real estate has always been a function of supply and demand.  This is what has been diving our fast paced market this year; high demand and low inventory.  I have seen some crazy prices and some very aggressive offers to insure that the client gets the home they are offering on. For the last thirty years Hood River real estate has been in demand.  This year’s market activity so far has really driven home that point.   We live in paradise and there are many others that want to join us.

It will soon be time to prepare you house for winter.  In my next report, I will share a short list of things to consider in getting your home ready for the cold weather.  Have a great Halloween weekend and please look out for all of the excited trick or treaters. 


Enjoy the day,

Tom Jenkins