Good Gorge Morning to you,


This is a classic Gorge day yesterday.  You could  feel the cool marine air pushing in from the west.  It was much cooler than it has been the past week or so.  I hope you got a chance to enjoy the light and thunder show yesterday.  It doesn’t happen too often, however when it does it takes me back to my days of growing up in Nebraska. 


Last week was a busy one in Gorge real estate.  There were 14 price changes, 19 pending sales, and 19 closed sales.  Summer is an active time for The Gorge real estate market.  There is always a pent up demand for good Gorge homes that are well priced.  The buyers these days have access to multiple ways of becoming educated on fair market value and many ways of comparing the available inventory to what has sold in the recent past.  Sure there are some emotional buys out there and there are certain areas that command a premium price, however it is my opinion that the screaming deals for either the buyer and the seller are the exception and not the rule.  As I mentioned earlier, there is just too much information readily available to help people on both sides of the buying process to zero in on what “fair market value” really is for any given property. After all what everyone really wants is to pay and receive what is fair for the house in question. 


I hope you enjoyed cool weather yesterday as the heat is supposed to return today. 


Tom Jenkins